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Translators & interpreters


Our translations are handled by an international network of qualified and independent professionals. Our network of translators covers the whole world.

These translators were selected rigorously :

  • Translate into their mother tongue
  • Are located in the country of destination of your translation
  • Have a translation-school diploma and at least 5 years of documented professional experience in translating
  • Are specialized in their field(s)
  • Master IT tools.

For our legal and financial translations, our translators have a diploma in law or finance and many years of experience in these fields. Some of them are foreign lawyers registered with the bar of the countries of the language concerned.

We ensure that their professional competences are maintened and updated.

We have also signed partnership agreements with local translation companies in many European countries. These agreements provide a guarantee of price, lead time and quality for all our customers.

We try to assign the same translator to successive translations for the same customer. When this translator is unavailable, we supply to the new translator the previously delivered works, as well as the glossaries.

We recommend a constant dialog between your experts and our team of translators, under the supervision of the Project Manager. This close collaboration is essential to assimilate your know- how, your technology, your style and your needs.


In addition to perfect mastery and technical ability of the languages, our interpreters have great communication skills. They are selected according to their training and experience.
They are mostly AIIC members.