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Technical equipment

The European Translation Agency gives its translators equipment and technical means allowing
to ensure the quality of the translations.

The European Translation Agency can deal with all types of support : paper, data…

Equipment and means of communication

Our data processing network enables us to treat at the same time files coming from PC and MAC platforms. Power of this network as well in terms of speed as of memory size enables us to treat the heaviest files without waste of time.
We are equipped with high-speed permanent internet connection and a fully secured FTP site in order to transfer the heaviest files.

Our network is perfectly safe :

  • daily saved
  • antivirus
  • firewalls


Our workstations are equipped with the latest CAT, IT Tools, DTP software to convert files from one format to another : Photoshop, Pagemaker, Filemaker, QuarkXpress, Illustrator, Publisher, Access, Word, Excel, Power Point, Publisher, Adobe Acrobat...

  • Translation assistance tools

Translation assistance software

For important and repetitive files and the updates of notes and other documents, we work with TRADOS software. It's a personalized translation memory which can store, find and re-use any translated text for you. Thus, we ensure the highest quality required for your documents and
we are abble to guarantee the homogeneity of terms and expressions regularly used.


Our translators have access to a librairy containing numerous specialized glossaries, technical documents, on-line dictionaries, computerized database, terminology banks, encyclopaedias
on CD-Rom…